Sathi Amar Bandhu Amar

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Sathi Amar Bandhu Amar

UA | 13 Nov, 2009

2 hrs 24 min | Drama, Romantic

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The story revolves around two friends, Raj - a stunt man - and Doll - the daughter of a rich father - who eventually fall in love. However, just around the time of Doll`s marriage to some rich businessman, Raj suffers a head injury while performing a stunt. This results in Doll getting to married, only for Raj to find out later that she is being tortured and harassed by her alcoholic husband. They plan to elope, and start life afresh. But, Raj is killed by goons sent by goons sent by Doll`s husband, and Doll kills herself, hoping to unite with him in death, if not in life.