Sathyam Paranja Vishwasikuvo

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Sathyam Paranja Vishwasikuvo

UA | 12 Jul, 2019 8,555 Votes

2 hrs 10 min | Drama, Thriller

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Suni makes his living as a mason, and spends most of his time squandering his hard-earned money away with his friends. Geetha, Suni`s wife, bears the brunt of his negligent lifestyle and often quarrels with him over it.

After witnessing a gruesome accident, Suni and his friends find their lives taking some really unexpected turns; and they must now band together in order to survive.

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Sathyam Paranja Vishwasikuvo: Film Review - Fun And Innocent
Verdict: Sathyam Paranja Vishwasikuvo is a story that moves at a good pace and has perfectly balanced performances. Director G Prajith joins hands with writer Sajeev Pazhoor and has come up with an exc...
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