Satya Savitree Ani Satyawan

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Satya Savitree Ani Satyawan

UA | 27 Jul, 2012

2 hrs 22 min | Musical

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The story begins with the murder of the most influential politician in town. 13 days ago he was murdered by his own bodyguard, who was also shot down by the other bodyguard!
In the course of these 13 long days this murder has changed many equations in the upcoming State elections, not only for others but also for the deceased father in law who is also the State cultural Minister. A CBI inquiry has been ordered and this causes the entry of our CBI Investigative officer Mr. X.

In the midst of this political mayhem, Mr. X discovers many different conspiring plots and deciphering the mystery of two women - the wives of the politician and the dead bodyguard, the Savitri to their dead Satyavan. And thus begins a labyrinthine quest in search of the real truth.