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U | 06 Jul, 2007

1 hrs 40 min | Drama, Romantic

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Satyabhama is a story of a guy trying to win his love everyday in a different and a unique way.
Satyabhama resembles the Tamil super hit Ghajini by A R Murdograss, which edits out the violence and drama and replaces it with a lighter and comical treatment.
Satyabhama is the story of a sand sculptor and a young charming lady. The twist of the story being that the girl suffers from short term memory because of an unfortunate car accident; hence she remembers things only before the accident. Her memory does not register anything after that. When the sculptor meets the girl, he completely falls in love with her. But she can only love him for that one day. The rest of the movie is how he gets her to fall in love with him everyday in a new fashion.
Inspired from the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starrer 50 First Dates which not allot of Telugu`s might have seen, therefore makes the concept of the film fresh and challenging to do for the makers.