Second Hand Husband

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Second Hand Husband

UA | 03 Jul, 2015

Marriage, divorce and everything else!

1 hrs 46 min | Comedy, Drama

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Gurpreet and Rajbir are in love and plan to marry, but the only thing in their way is the alimony that Rajbir has to pay every month to his ex-wife, Neha. Gurpreet, being a lawyer, is aware that the alimony needs to be paid only till Neha gets married to somebody else. Thus, begins the two lovers` journey to find a suitable groom for Rajbir`s ex-wife!

Their comic journey goes through various turns and finally reaches a point where Rajbir`s boss, Ajit Singh, gets into trouble with his wife because of his flirtatious ways. Is there any hope for Gurpreet & Rajbir? Can they manipulate their way out of this mess?