Shabdo (Bengali)

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Shabdo (Bengali)

A | 14 Apr, 2013


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`Shabdo` revolves around the life of a sound artist from the Bengali film industry. The protagonist of the film is Tarukh, a folio artist, who holds his work in high esteem. He considers himself a master craftsman recreating sounds of the universe dressed in his underwear and confined to a sound studio. He is so obsessed with his work that he loses loses grip of words and his mind starts registering only folio sounds. For him, the whole interest lies in focusing on the ambience sound used in movies, drowning out human voices and making him oblivious to the reality around him. This impacts his personal life too and the movie explores the changing dynamics once the guy`s obsession reaches a different high.

Tarukh`s wife and his psychiatrist have to fight for Tarukh against him. However Tarukh is in denial refusing to give up his passion that`s taking a toll on his mental, emotional, social and personal life. What happens thereafter is tragic, drastic and melancholic.