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U | 01 Jan, 1953

2 hrs 10 min |


After the Shah of Iran is slain in a Battle, the faithful Vazir of the Shah helps his wife and two children, Prince Rashid and Princess Abbassa to escape to Baghdad, Iraq. The queen and her children arrive at the gates of Baghdad and seek shelter under the roof of a poor magician. Twelve years later, Prince Rashid, who is now grown into a handsome young man works for the betterment of the poor and oppressed people of Baghdad. His good deeds earn him the title 'Shahenshah'. A king in own right, Prince Rashid, appears in the royal court of Baghdad as an imposter to seek the hand of Queen Noor for marriage. The Wazir soon learns about the reality of Prince Rashid and hatches an evil plan to kill both Noor and Rashid to accomplish his long dream of being the Royal leader of Iraq. But, Prince Rashid has his own plans and he swings into action to thwart the Wazir's threat and provides a thrilling climax to the tale of love and revenge.