Shankar Dada Zindabad

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Shankar Dada Zindabad

U | 27 Jul, 2007 261 Votes

2 hrs 30 min | Comedy, Drama

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It is time for Gandhigiri in Telugu too as the sequel to the rollicking laughathon Shankar Dada MBBS with the irresistible Chiranjeevi. Shankar Dada show cased brilliantly the comedy sense and announced sensitivity of Chiranjeevi as a likable don Shankar Dada.

Along with his sidekick, ATM - played with agreeable restraint by Srikanth. The duo will be back in action, but this time giving them company (in a larger sense) would be the Father of the Nation. With Gandhiji for company, the duo set out on a voyage of discovery that leads them to their inner sanctum - that is their heart. This is Gandhigiri at its best.

Karishma Kotak- plays the character that Vidya Balan did in the Hindi original. Sadha plays the cute and cuddly role that Dia Mirza did. Sayaji Shinde does the role that Boman Irani played in the original and Raja handles the role that Jimmy Shergill did in the original. Dilip Prabhavalkar dons the role of Mahatma Gandhi. The quiet attraction of the movie is a dance sequence canned on Chiru`s brother Pawan Kalyan..