Sherlock Toms

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Sherlock Toms

U | 29 Sep, 2017 9,435 Votes

2 hrs 27 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery


An ardent fan of Sherlock Holmes from childhood, Thomas tries his best to solve issues like Sherlock Holmes. How Thomas aspires to be an IPS officer but is selected for IRS. Thomas without losing his Sherlock Holmes instinct starts applying it in his line of work unveiling a major crime in a fun based manner.

Filmi Beat   rated it
Sherlock Toms
Shafi is well-known for crafting perfect entertainers with all commercial elements intact. Sherlock Toms has that signature style of the film-maker and we could sense that right from the beginning of t...
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Anumod   rated it
Good comedies
Except a 30 minutes in between, it is an out and comedy movie which is having an interesting thrilling line towards the end as well . Biju Menon performed at his best...