Shikari (Bengali)

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Shikari (Bengali)

U | 12 Aug, 2016 130 Votes

A professional assassin with a mysterious past is asked to kill a government official.

2 hrs 28 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

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Sultan, a professional assassin ran away from home as a child after attempting to murder his father. Rahul Dev, an influential child trafficker hires Sultan to kill a fearless, prominent Judge, Rudro Chowdhury, since he is handling the inquiry and verdict on his child trafficking case in the city of joy, Kolkata.

Having reached Kolkata, Sultan attempts to shoot Judge Chowdhury but misses due to the large crowd around the judge. Sultan is angry with himself, and vows to kill Judge Chowdhury within ten days. Thereafter, he enters Judge Chowdhury`s household disguised as a servant, and slowly begins to win over the members of the family.

What happens next? Watch Shikari to find out.