Shikkari Shambhu

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Shikkari Shambhu

U | 20 Jan, 2018 4,217 Votes

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy, Drama


When an entire village is terrorised by the news of a tiger on the loose, they turn to Peeli and his jolly gang of friends for help. Rumour has it that Peeli is the son of famed hunter Varunni, but has he got it in him to stop the dreaded predator from wreaking more havoc?

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Shikkari Shambhu: Film Review – A Comedy Thriller That Doesn’t Disappoint You
Verdict: Kunchako Boban proves yet again that simple movies are his forte. Shikkari Shambu, directed by Sugeeth and produced under the banner Angel Maria Cinemas, features Kunchako Boban in the lead al...
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Aneesh   rated it
Aneesh Anu
nice movie , fantastic comedy ,story nice . suspense very good .chakochan very good acting and all actors very good performance . especially female actress very good performance really amazing.director...