Shob Bhooturey

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Shob Bhooturey

U | 08 Sep, 2017 1,273 Votes

1 hrs 55 min | Drama, Horror

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Shob Bhooturey is a Bengali ghost film where the protagonist Aniket (Abir Chatterjee) is a modern guy who is hell-bent on closing down the ghost magazine, started by his father, the Late Nabinmadhab Sen. The editor of the magazine "Shob Bhooturey" and Nabinmadhab`s friend Kripadhar Babu (Supriyo Dutta) is opposed to Aniket`s decision.

At this time a strange girl, Nandini (Sohini Sarkar), comes to their office and claims that Nabinmadhab had promised her employment because she can apparently see ghosts. Parallel to this, a school in the village of Kushumpur is shut down due to the occurrence of ghostly events culminating in the mysterious death of a child named Mini (Ida Dasgupta). The headmaster of the school, Poritosh Mukherjee (Sumanto Mukherjee) comes to this magazine for help. Aniket, Nandini and Kripadhar Babu set out on a mission to re-open the school and unravel the ghostly mystery.