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UA | 15 Aug, 1975 442 Votes

The Greatest Story Ever Told

3 hrs 19 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
2D 3D

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Sholay, very rightly described as ``the best story ever written in Bollywood, the best set of actors ever out together, with the best direction ever given``, is a Bollywood classic that tells us the tale of a quaint village Ramgarh, its notorious dacoit - Gabbar, its virtuous Thakur, who puts all that he has left on the line for his village, and Jai-Veeru, petty goons and die-hard friends. It is also a story of friendship, love, deceit, treachery and crime. Jai and Veeru have been summoned by the Thakur to Ramgarh to help him catch a wanted dacoit, Gabbar Singh. Their chase begins, turning into a ``mortal-in-parts-funny-in-parts`` adventure. But the question remains - will they be able to cleanse Ramgarh of Gabbar`s crime and terror?

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