Simha (Telugu)

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Simha (Telugu)

A | 30 Apr, 2010 271 Votes

A story about a man who doesn`t stand for social injustice.

2 hrs 36 min | Action


Simha is an action-packed family drama with Nandamuri Balakrishna, Nayantara, Namitha and Sneha Ullal in the lead roles. Srimannarayana (Nandamuri Bala Krishna) is a professor who cannot tolerate social injustice. Janaki (Sneha Ullal), his student has a mysterious past and is harrased by a bunch of goons. The professor confronts them and tries to unravel the mystery and figures how he is related to the protagonist, Simha.

Telugu wave   rated it
As the trailers have given out, the film has Bala Krishna occupying most of the screen time (double action) and not so surprisingly its again the father and son duality. The film starts with the story...
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manikanta   rated it
super action
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