Siridi Sai (Telugu)

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Siridi Sai (Telugu)

U | 06 Sep, 2012

2 hrs 25 min | Biography, Devotional, Drama

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Shirdi Sai Baba is widely accepted as the 6th incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. At a tender age of 16 years Baba arrived at Shirdi. He was found wandering in the outskirts of the village, and was often seen sitting under a Neem tree, eating leaves. After a brief stay there, he disappeared for a long period only to suddenly reappear to a muslim - Chand Patil. Patil was searching for his lost horse and Baba lead him to it. Thrilled, Patil asked him to travel with his entourage for a marriage in his family.

The moment he set foot in Shirdi, miracles began occurring and Baba decided to stay at Shirdi. He made a dilapidated mosque his home and his devotees also began increasing. The mosque soon became sacred and Baba named it Dwarakamai where everyone, irrespective of their caste or creed was welcome.

Devotees used to bring him food every day but he preferred to beg for alms. When asked why Baba begged for food when he could create anything with his powers, he says by doing this, he was taking away all the sins committed by people. Through this, he also made people realize the importance of `Anna Daanam`.