Sooper Se Ooper

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Sooper Se Ooper

UA | 25 Oct, 2013

Rustic and urban the film relishes both flavours.

1 hrs 50 min | Comedy, Drama

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Ranvir`s fortune is in dumps and selling his ancestral land in Mumbai is the only way to survive & Kukreja who has put all on stake has to get this land to stay away from the wrath of a don and also achieve his dream of becoming a builder eventually! For both Ranvir & Kukreja, this plot of land means everything and has to be got any which way.
But the key to the land is Ranvir`s mama, Madho Singh Rathore in Mandawa. Since the will was not made in Ranvir`s name, Mama has to give an NOC. Ranvir has to get his Mama to Mumbai within a month & Kukreja has to stop him from reaching Mumbai. In the 1st half, the city goes to a village and in the 2nd, the village comes to the city.