Sri Sri

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Sri Sri

UA | 03 Jun, 2016 409 Votes

A story of revenge

2 hrs 10 min | Action, Drama

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The film opens up with an old couple Mr & Mrs Srinivasa Rao (Krishna and Vijayanirmala) remembering their daughter Shweta (Angana Roy) who is murdered by three youngsters of influential parents. As part of a college project, Shweta is making a documentary film on a village POTHURAJU GUDEM, which is being exploited by the bureaucrats pharmaceutical companies. She has the support of Prabhakar (Sai Kumar), a leftist and other villagers.

The three youngsters later murder Shweta in the presence of her father. The case is heard in the court of law and the three get away with the crime for the want of sufficient evidence.

A helpless law professor is then encouraged by his wife to take revenge. He does so in his own way without leaving any evidence by killing 2 out of 3, using his well planned, innovative methods.

An ACP Ajay Kumar (Naresh) steps in to investigate. This is where the screenplay takes a new twist. Does professor Srinivasa succeed in his third murder? Watch to find out.