Summer 2007

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Summer 2007

UA | 13 Jun, 2008

2 hrs 46 min | Drama

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Five medical students are a part of the management quota of the college who represent the youth hooked onto xbox`s and formula 1 racing. Till one day, a game they play goes too far. As an outcome they land up in one of the most deprived villages in Maharashtra. Their rural posting turns into a soul searching journey where they are forced to confront their own apathy, their own fears and their strange complicity in the circumstances of the village. Before they can run from there, they get sucked into the whirlpool of counter currents. Each of the five undergo different kinds of catharsis and in the end have to make a choice. Do they leave the mess just as they had found it and get away from there.or do they choose to get involved forms a question of a lifetime.