Sunday Holiday

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Sunday Holiday

U | 14 Jul, 2017 8,645 Votes

2 hrs 15 min | Comedy, Romantic


Mr. Unni Mukundan who is very passionate about his first movie, coincidentally meets Mr. David Paul, a famous movie director. At the same time, the life experiences of Amal, who relocates himself to Cochin from Thalaserry, makes him undergo a total change in his vision of life due to his acquaintance with Nakutti and Rahul, the residents of ‘Sargapournami’ his home in Cochin. Sunday Holiday is a beautiful story that is replete with comedy.

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Sunday Holiday: Film Review -A Fun Romantic-Comedy
Verdict: - Ithu Bhayangara Taste Aanu! Sunday Holiday is the latest Malayalam film to have released this Friday. Starring Asif Ali and Aparna Balamurali in the lead role, this rom-com is directed by ...