Take Off

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Take Off

U | 24 Mar, 2017 20,337 Votes

2 hrs 19 min | Drama, Thriller


Sameera, a single mother despite opposition from her family takes up a job in war-torn Iraq. Her only support in the endeavor is her colleague, Shahid who not only marries her but also supports her in rasing her son, Ibru. Just as everything seems to be going fine for Sameera, a tragedy strikes and Shahid is taken hostage by the rebel army. What follows is her immense struggle to get her husband back.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Take Off : Film Review – A Smooth Take-off and Landing
Verdict - A film that should not be missed at any cost. In times when there is a lot of hue and cry for equal rights for women, a film that portrays women as a hero is a step in the right direction. Ta...
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Akshay   rated it
best malayalam movie of the year
An absolutly honest film., it makes an engaging cinematic experience that could give even Bollywood movies of similar genre, made at much-bigger budgets, a run for their money.best cinematic experience...