Teen Bayka Fajiti Aika

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Teen Bayka Fajiti Aika

- | 23 Mar, 2012

Comedy, Drama

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Married for 5 years and childless, middle-aged Vishwasrao is under pressure to perform, literally. Set in a remote wada somewhere in Maharashtra, the film sees a very loving Vishwasrao being a good husband to Biwi no.1 Prajakta (Nisha Parulekar). With a mother (Surekha Kudchi) who'd kill for honor and a comical turn of events, Vishwasrao finds himself married to Biwi no.2 Madhavi (Kranti Redkar). While Vishwasrao's hopes for a ''honeymoon'' take flight, his two wives strike and uncanny friendship that have him at his wits' end. Watch the film to know how all hell breaks loose with the entry of Biwi no.3 Pari (Tejashree).