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A | 18 Nov, 2016 102 Votes

2 hrs 7 min | Drama, Musical, Thriller

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Teenanko is a Bengali thriller that takes into account stories of three different women from three different eras. Though the women in the film belong to 1890, 1965 and 2016 respectively there is a connection between all the three characters. What is the connection how do they connect?, the journey of the meeting point is what the film narrates.

The film further tries to find answers to a brutal tragedy that changed the destiny of three central characters. A tale that entwines a series of mysterious spine chilling incidents difficult to comprehend with logic and reasoning till the truth is revealed.

Sohini played by Mumtaz Sorcar a present day character in the role of a journalist settled in London comes on a work assignment to Kolkata. During her stay in the city Sohini goes through a series of paranormal experiences. Worried and concerned as to why she is going through such experiences she begins a journey to discover its cause.

During her journey, she encounters an aged Nolini settled in Nabadwip. The encounter goes on to reveal a series of events tracing back to 1965 where young Nolini played by Bidita Bag reveals she too was a victim of similar paranormal events during her young days. The meeting and interaction between the two goes on to further unearth a tragic incident that took place in 1890.

The incident in 1890 made Kadombi, played by Rituparna Sengupta a victim of witchcraft. The treatment of the film is a paranormal thriller strongly supported by its other artists in different roles. The film concludes with many questions that our society over the years have been looking for answers.