Thai Jashe!

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Thai Jashe!

U | 03 Jun, 2016 4,301 Votes

An urban Gujarati film

2 hrs 28 min | Comedy, Drama

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Pranav Joshi `Pappu` (Malhar Thakar), a middle class Brahmin boy living in small village Jetpur in Saurashtra region aspires to make it big of his life. Though emotionally attached to his hometown, he decided to relocate to Ahmedabad for further studies.
A decade passes in Ahmedabad with focus towards his goals; step by step he climbs the ladder towards progress and establishes himself as head designer in an IT company. He is now engaged to Kajal Bhatt (Monal Gajjar), the daughter of Harkkant Bhatt and Leelaben Bhatt (Subhash Brahmbhatt and Dipti Brahmbhattt), a childhood friend of Chandrakant Joshi. Kajal is born and brought up in Ahmedabad. She has completed MBA in finance and is working in a leading finance company in Ahmedabad.
Back in his hometown, Pappu's Father Chandrakant Joshi (Manoj Joshi), a saree factory owner plans to take loan from the bank.
But life as they say it does not always turns out as planned, as a part of control over water pollution, the Government decides to shut down all such factories. Due to financial crisis, after lots of efforts Pappu convinces his parents to relocate to Ahmedabad in a rented apartment.
Find out what happens next in an interesting yet common man's saga of emotions, fun and adventure of how he juggles between landlords, money, the house, love, family and his inner self.
So...Thai Jashe! or...?