The Japanese Wife

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The Japanese Wife

UA | 09 Apr, 2010 0 Votes

1 hrs 45 min | Drama, Romantic


This is a haunting but improbable love story involving three shy people: Snehamoy Chatterjee, an Arithmetic teacher in a school in the interiors of riverine West Bengal; Miyage the Japanese girl who became his wife through a strange sequence of letters, and Sandhya, a widow forced by circumstances to take refuge in his home. It had all begun when Snehamoy was a student in Serampore College, living in a hostel and preparing for his BSc examination. Too shy to make friends with his rowdy classmates, he had sent off a letter to a name found in a magazine under 'pen friends'. The answer had arrived a month later resulting in an abiding friendship between two people who did not know each other's tongues and were forced to communicate with the aid of dictionaries in a foreign language - English - often with hilarious results.