The Unforgettable

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The Unforgettable

A | 11 Sep, 2009

1 hrs 54 min | Drama


Yash, a renaissance man, a writer who teaches the world how to live, loses his life's teachings when he meets Padma, a woman who cannot be taught anything, an amoralist, veiling her true self with a shroud of clandestinity. Yash goes to the salubrious country of Mauritius to write a book on his groundbreaking apotheosis, 'Sex- The Parasitic Desire'. But the cynicism of life is such that at the pinnacle of his career, he meets Padma and she transmogrifies his perspective. At first she comes across as an intrigant, eager to prove her point, defending her reason over right. She practices the art of living by employing the simplest ideology of non- intervention and submission to one's desire. This thought totally contradicts with the fundamentals of Yash's teachings, in their amalgamation it is imperative that one has to concede. Their conflicting beliefs and an obsessive attraction towards each other drives them apart.