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A | 30 Jan, 2015 6 Votes

A film based on Thomas Hardy`s classic novel.

1 hrs 57 min | Drama

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Based on Thomas Hardy`s classic novel Tess of the d`Urbervilles, Trishna tells the story of one woman whose life is destroyed by a combination of love and circumstances.

Set in contemporary Rajasthan, Trishna (Freida Pinto) meets a wealthy young British businessman Jay Singh (Riz Ahmed) who has come to India to work in his father`s hotel business.
After an accident destroys her father`s Jeep, Trishna goes to work for Jay, and they fall in love. But despite their feelings for each other, they cannot escape the conflicting pressures of a rural society which is changing rapidly through industrialization, urbanization and, above all, education. Trishna`s tragedy is that she is torn between the traditions of her family life and the dreams and ambitions that her education has given her.