Tritio Adhyay

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Tritio Adhyay

UA | 08 Feb, 2019 675 Votes

1 hrs 45 min | Romantic, Thriller

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Tritio Adhyay is a romantic thriller that redefines the boundaries of love through its characters : their sacrifices, their passion and their retribution. When Koushik on his own mission stumbles upon his ex-girlfriend Shreya in a small town in Jharkhand, their lives change forever. The demons from the past rears its ugly head, and thereon begins a nightmare of a dark thrilling ride to its ultimate destination...the victory of Love.

The Times of India   rated it
Tritio Adhyay
Bengali thrillers seem to be coming of age. The plots are getting better, the visuals livelier and the direction appears far more focused and planned. Tritio Adhyay is one such experience a stylised c...
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