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A | 26 Dec, 2014 643 Votes

Does one-upmanship still matter if a child`s life is at stake?

2 hrs 8 min | Drama, Thriller


Ugly is the story of Shalini, a housewife who is forced to stay at home by her husband. Her situation is bleak, even prompting her to consider suicide. However, her attempt to shoot herself in the head is interrupted by her daughter, who persuades Shalini to call her ex-husband, Kali`s father.

When Kali spends a day with her father, Rahul (Rahul Bhatt), he ignores her and focuses on work-related phone calls instead. While Rahul is distracted, someone kidnaps Kali. This sets off a game of one-upmanship as Rahul and Shalini`s second husband (Ronit Roy) try to find Kali and upstage each other.