Ugly Aur Pagli

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Ugly Aur Pagli

UA | 01 Aug, 2008

1 hrs 58 min | Comedy, Romantic

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This is a story of Kuhu aka Pagli and Kabir aka Ugly, who are miserably in love with each other. Their love ends them in weird and the most nerve-breaking situations.
Pagli is undergoing personal crises; she wishes to revive all the hinges that she ever suffered in her past relationship on other guy and turn him into a loser. Later, she comes across Ugly, who is perhaps already a loser. He is trying hard to survive in the engineering industry from almost 10 years, studying exactly the same thing in a loop. One night when he meets Pagli on a railway station, his boring life turns upside down. She makes him do things for her, he has never dreamt of, which makes him and her fall for each other rather more drastically.