Umrao Jaan

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Umrao Jaan

U | 01 Jan, 2006

3 hrs 9 min | Drama, Romance

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A young Ameeran is abducted by a local corrupt police officer for ransom after her father testifies against him. However, after the family fails to present the cop with any money, he sells her to Khanum Jaan, who runs a brother in Lucknow, who then renames her to Umrao Jaan. Ameeran grows up to be a beautiful woman and also becomes a well-known courtesan with many patrons. She falls in love with one of her patrons Sultan, whose father Nawab Sujat Ali Khan disapproves of their relationship and asks Sultan to choose between his inheritance or Umrao Jaan. Although Sultan chooses to be with Umrao, he suspects her of having an affair with one of her other admirers Nawab Faiz Ali, which breaks her heart and forces her to part ways with her lover. Provoked After her marriage, Kiranjit moves to London to live with her husband Deepak Ahluwalia. Although her husband seemed to be caring at first, he soon begins to beat her up under the influence of alcohol and also involves himself in illegitimate relationships with various women. Deepak also subjects Kiranjit to marital sex. Scared after being abused on various occasions, Kiranjit sets her husband ablaze while he's asleep. Kiranjit is sentenced to life imprisonment after Deepak succumbs to his injuries. Soon, an NGO fighting against domestic violence helps her get justice. Having spent roughly four years in prison, Kiranjit gets justice and is released from prison, reuniting her with her children.