Unnam (Malayalam)

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Unnam (Malayalam)

U | 10 Feb, 2012

Drama, Romantic, Thriller

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Five not-so-decent men, Sunny (Lal), Aloshy (Asif Ali), Tomi (Prasanth Narayan), Murukan (Nedumudi Venu) and Basheer (Noushi), team up for a deal with a corrupt cop, Balakrishna (Sreenivasan). The deal goes kaput as one of the gang members try to outsmart the rest.
Sunny had some underworld connections in the past and now spends time with the memories of his late wife, who was a musician. He treats Aloshy like his own son. Tomi is rich, thanks to his flourishing hotel business and some shady deals. His wife Jenni (Rima Kallingal) has been in love with Aloshy but Tomi is unaware about this affair. Swetha Menon plays Sareena, who has a son from her earlier marriage and lives with Murugan, a gambler.