Uppukandam Brothers Back In Action

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Uppukandam Brothers Back In Action

- | 17 Jun, 2011

Action, Drama

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The sequel to the yesteryear box-office hit, Uppukandam Brothers has the members of the Uppukandam family led by Bobby (Srikanth) in feud with Srambikkal Sathyanesan (Rajmohan Unnithan) and also with the son of an old rival, Ettuveettil Ganeshan (Richard).

The eternal fight between good and evil, comic characters who are annoyingly stupid, baddies who come in style and end up being beaten to pulp by virtually everyone, lengthy dialogues that make the viewers stumped by their insanity, action sequences that defy every logic and of course the quintessential item number, all these formulaic requirements have been religiously included here.