Vaadhdivsachya Haardik Shubhechcha (Marathi)

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Vaadhdivsachya Haardik Shubhechcha (Marathi)

15 Aug, 2014

A man`s ideal birthday turns into a nightmare.


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A Birthday calls for celebration and of course, gifts. Most gifts score high on emotions, some gifts are valuable and a few are priceless. However the protagonist, Subodh Kudmude, strikes a fortune on one of his birthdays and becomes a millionaire overnight. The man is very happy and he starts believing that this is the end to his financial struggles. However, as we all know, every fortune comes with the clause, `conditions applied`. Subodh Kudmude soon realizes that the fortune comes as a package - In addition to five crores, he receives a few freebies that include a troublesome inspector, an annoying NGO agent, a South Indian Don and a dead body that claims to be Mr. Subodh Kudmude.

Suddenly, the birthday that seemed to be his best one so far turns into a nightmare, but we still wish him, ``Vaadhdivsachya Haardik Shubhechcha``.