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UA | 14 Mar, 2008


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When a young boy Saravanan is killed by rowdy - and aspiring politician - Dhanasekaran(Sayaji Shinde), his distraught mother(Vinaya Prasad) is ready to kill herself. But she is stopped by a man Mani Shankar(Vijayakumar) who promises her that her son will be reincarnated and meet her 30 years hence. The only condition is that the mother must remain inside Vaitheeswaran temple, praying to be reunited with her son. 30 years later, her wait catches the attention of the public, who are curious to see if Saravanan shows up. Dr.Bala(Sarathkumar), who has no belief in reincarnation, wishes to treat her while Dhanasekharan, who is now a politician and eyeing the CM seat, knows that Saravanan's arrival could derail his plans. Armed with a computer-generated photo of how Saravanan would look like now, both Dhanasekharan and Bala go looking for him, when Bala realises that he is indeed the reincarnation of Saravanan and what happens next froms the climax of the story.