Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal

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Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal

U | 04 Dec, 2015 22 Votes

1 hrs 55 min | Drama


The movie is a partially fictionalized representation of the environmental disaster caused by the misuse of the pesticide Endosulfan in Kasaragod District of Kerala. This disaster was caused by nearly two and a half decades of endosulfan use on government-owned cashew plantations. The film explores the disastrous environmental and public health consequences of the pesticide misuse. It also concentrates on those health-related effects of endosulfan misuse, that persist to this day.

Times Of India   rated it
Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal
It takes patience to watch a documentary in a mainstream theatre, but the effort is worth it. Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal is by no means an entertainer or even a Veettilekkulla Vazhi kind of film, but ...
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Arjun   rated it
Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal (U)
kudos to Dr. Biju and Kunchacko Boban in attempting the most realistic portrayal of tragedy... not worthy for entertainment weekers... Socially relevant topic captured spectacularly...