Vambu Sandai

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Vambu Sandai

UA | 01 Mar, 2008

Drama, Romantic


This Tamil film revolves around Prabhu (Uday Kiran), whose gallantry impresses the rebellious sister of Commissioner of Police, Swetha so much so that she falls in love with him. When Prabhu is taken by his foster father to meet his biological father, being treated at a mental assylum, he finds his father unresponsive. Hence, on advice of the father of Swetha, he takes his father to Kerala for treatment. There unfolds before him a secret that explains to him the reason behind his father`s condition. He also learns that the person responsible is also in the same facility in Kerala. Seeing mortal threat loom over his father`s head, will Prabhi be able to save his father`s life?