Vandhaan Vendraan

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Vandhaan Vendraan

U | 16 Sep, 2011 13 Votes

2 hrs 26 min | Action, Romantic


The movie opens with a scene where a school boy is reciting a prayer. Another boy who runs late to the school is punished by the teacher and compared to the boy who was reciting. The two are step brothers. Followed by such trivial comparisons and tussles, enmity develops between the two and the older one throws the younger brother into a well and watches him drown. He then runs away from the village.

The movie then opens to Mumbai where Ramana, an underworld don, wants to kill his rival Govardhan. Meanwhile, Arjun (Jiva) and Anjana`s love story runs parallel to this fight.

What happens to Govardhan and do the two lovers unite, forms the rest of the story.