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U | 09 Nov, 2007 324 Votes

Action, Drama

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This is the story of two twin brothers who are separated at birth. One stays with the parents (Vasudevan a.k.a. Vasu) whereas the other (Vetrivel a.k.a. Vel) is found by a childless couple who raise him as their own.
Vasu goes on to become a journalist and attracts Swathi (Asin) who falls for him. Meanwhile Vel has lost his parents to Sakara Pandi (Kalabhavan Mani), who killed them out of deep rooted enmity against their family.
Somedays later, Swathi sees Vel fighting in a gang fight and informs Vasu. He goes to his brother to get him but seeing the love of his family for him, he agrees to back off.
However, he asks Vel to live as Vasu, with his mother for few days and himself stays back in the village as Vel. Then begins the battle against Sakara Pandi, and the rest is how Vasu uses his network power and brain to eliminate Pandi.

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