Via Darjeeling

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Via Darjeeling

UA | 27 Jun, 2008

1 hrs 43 min | Drama, Musical, Thriller


The story revolves around Ankur (Kay Kay Menon) & Rimli (Sonali Kulkarni), a newly married couple on their honeymoon in Darjeeling. But on the eve of their return to Calcutta, Ankur disappears. The Inspector in charge, Robin Bose, searches high & low, but Ankur is no where to be found. Two years later, Inspector Bose narrates this story to a few friends; they are intrigued by this story and question him about the outcome. But he has no answers. The friends start gossiping on a rainy night, bantering & discussing the mystery of the missing husband amongst them. Intrigued by this story, they start a tale about the possible outcome and all take part to give their own versions where personalities, motif and professions change. The past and the future come rushing back and the characters in the room blend in to the `story` themselves giving it a new turn, every time.