Vidiyum Munn

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Vidiyum Munn

UA | 29 Nov, 2013 9 Votes

Broken homes, abuse, unfulfilled dreams- life of a sex worker

2 hrs 19 min | Thriller


It`s about Four Formidable Men, who, for Three Different Reasons are chasing after Two Women in One Day. Who are these men? How are they connected to each other? What are their reasons to track down the two women? How are these women connected to the men? Will they get caught? If they do, who among the four men will wind up catching them? And, what will happen to them? These are the many questions that will get answered during its course.

The plot unfolds as a taut thriller that examines the characters` vulnerability and strengths. The subplot, however, explores a relationship between a woman and a girl; Rekha, the protagonist, is a sex worker who tries to rescue Nandhini, a twelve-year-old girl, from the clutches of prostitution. The journey takes us through the brutality and the hypocrisy that surrounds us, which we deliberately choose to ignorebroken homes, abuse, unfulfilled dreams, manipulation, blackmail, threat, hopelessness and paranoia. It`s a dog-eat-dog world where nothing is as simple as it appears.