Vikun Taak

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Vikun Taak

UA | 14 Feb, 2020 777 Votes

2 hrs 9 min | Comedy, Drama


Mukund Thorambe, who works as a mechanic in Dubai, comes to India for his wedding. However, his father had been unable to pay off his bank loans and committed suicide. The Bank seizes Mukund`s property, and on the wedding day his in-laws back out. Desperate, Mukund puts his kidney up for sale. Stuck in between the kidney racket, pressure from the bank and the woman he loves, Mukund`s struggle is a comic take on the loopholes of the system.

The Times of India   rated it
Vikun Taak
While the film delivers quite a few laughs, it is not a laughter riot owing to its underlying social message. There are also a few serious and emotional scenes. But Sameer Patil does a good job of weav...
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#SuperDirection #GreatActing #WowMusic #AwesomeStory #Rocking
i think peple miss comedy with sencetive subject important . guy its really cool movie with comedy why not like movie people because they are sense less thinking. subject is good for socity. not...
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