Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

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Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

UA | 26 Feb, 2010 521 Votes

2 hrs 45 min | Drama, Romantic

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This is a poignant and contemporary love story that delves into concepts of compatibility, attraction, social norms in romantic relationships, inter-religious relationships and the stigma faced by such couples. This youthful romantic drama opens at a Keralite Christian wedding, a young man in the audience watches mournfully as the woman of his dreams walks down the aisle, to marry another man. His reminiscences then take us on flashback to a young wannabe filmmaker, Kartik (Simbu), whose new tenants are a Keralite family.

With their daughter Jessie (Trisha) living in the same house with him, he ends up falling instantly in love with her, head-over-heels and against all reason. After a few minor spurns, Kartik chases Jessie to her hometown and they gradually begin a relationship. Trouble brews when her family finds out, leading to fist-cuffs, and Jessie's father fixing her marriage with a boy within the community. The couple continue to meet, but as his film-making career starts to take off, there is new friction in their relationship and a drastic step from Jessie... Will Kartik succeed in marrying the girl of his dreams?

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sachin   rated it
#SuperDirection #GreatActing #WowMusic #AwesomeStory #Blockbuster #Rocking #Inspiring #Wellmade #Unbelievable
Simple yet elegant straight from the heart movie. Feels very realistic and everyone wishes to have a lobe like this in their life. For me the love remains forever even if its unfortunate to get your gi...
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