VIP 2 (Lalkar)

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VIP 2 (Lalkar)

U | 18 Aug, 2017 1,261 Votes

2 hrs 9 min | Action, Drama, Romantic


After winning the Engineer of the Year Award at Anitha Constructions, Raghuvaran is leading a content life with his wife, Shalini. Problems arise when Vasundhara, the powerful head honcho of a leading construction company, offers Raghuvaran a job and he refuses it outright. Thus begins a squabble between the two, where winning means staying a step ahead of each other.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
VIP 2 (Lalkar): Film Review – Engineers Unite Again
Verdict: A tribute to the talented engineers. Sequel to the much-acclaimed movie Velaiilla Pattadhari, popularly known as VIP, released last week. The Hindi version of the movie released a week later a...
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sai   rated it
I don't know how Dhanush expected grt outcome from his over action in the movie.Better mind your own business than watching waste of time ignore this movie it will save your time and money.😪😪😔...