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UA | 07 May, 2010

Drama, Romantic

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Nawaz Ali hails from Lahore in Pakistan and Ranvir Singh Grewal belongs to a village, Jakopur, in Punjab, India. About 20 years ago, both migrated to Sydney, Australia, in search of work, where they met and became the best of friends. Gradually, their hard work paid off. Ranvir opened an Indian restaurant, which became a runaway success. Nawaz Ali opened a shop opposite Ranvir`s restaurant. It did well and he could manage to lead a comfortable life but he was not as successful as Ranvir, who felt that he was superior to other Indians. He found merit in all things associated with the white folks - their lifestyle, their values and culture, their behaviour and mannerisms - and looked down upon his Indian upbringing and values. The difference in outlook and behaviour drive the two friends apart until they reach a point where Ranvir stops talking to Nawaz.