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U | 10 Nov, 2006

2 hrs 40 min | Drama, Family, Romantic

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Pooja Rao is an orphan, having come into her uncle Krishna Kant`s Alok Nath household after her parents` death. He considers her a "gift", speaking of his aim in life being to nurture this daughter and to marry her off. Pooja lives with her Chachauncle and Chachi Seema Biswas and their daughter Choti Anjali Prakash. The aunt doesn`t love Pooja much, because Pooja is prettier than Choti. However, the loving Chacha arranges a match for Pooja with the son of a wealthy, industrialist family from Delhi. Where Prem Shahid Kapoor is the magnanimous bride-groom, who decides that he will spend a month of each year at his wife`s parents` home, well-brought up Pooja is the perfect shudh Hindi speaking addition to the clan. The marriage day draws closer, but a fire in Krishna Kant`s house will put Pooja and Prem`s well-behaved love to the test.

Releasing online on Netflix, on 25th June 2020.