Welcome To New York

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Welcome To New York

UA | 23 Feb, 2018 6,629 Votes

Bring on the Madness!!

1 hrs 57 min | Comedy
2D 3D

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"Welcome to New York" is a heartfelt, slapstick comedy that tells the story of two unlikely youngsters living in India in search of a better life for themselves. An unexpected trip to New York City sets them off on a comedic adventure that changes their lives forever.

Two very different people from varied backgrounds come together out of chance. A neurotic young woman, an unknown clothing designer stuck in traditional values, has just lost her job and her boyfriend. And a hustler farm boy who refuses to follow his father's footsteps, wanting to be an actor and travel the world.

They jump at the chance for an open audition call seeking unknown talent to participate in India's biggest entertainment awards ceremony, An Award show to be held in New York City. Little do they know that the show's promoter has selected them because they are the two worst auditions submitted and they've been given travel visa's and the Royal treatment only to serve a secret plan to sabotage the awards show for revenge.

Oblivious to the plot to exploit and embarrass them in front of the world's media, our heroes embark on a screwball adventure taking them from the villages of India to the fast- paced culture shock of Time Square. They find themselves thrown into the high society life of superstar celebrities, blackmail, betrayal and rock & roll. A zany conquest that puts them up against a mob, power-mad divas of the movie industry and a hilarious kidnapping plan to rid the world of India's biggest movie personality.

Not only do they survive but they find a friendship between them that helps them defy the odds and become superstars in an unexpected twist of fate. They find a new-found belief in themselves when everyone else had given up, and they find the key to a happier and more meaningful life, not solely relying on fame and fortune but with friendship, love, and respect.