Woodstock Villa

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Woodstock Villa

UA | 30 May, 2008

Where The Truth Lies.

1 hrs 30 min | Musical, Suspense, Thriller

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A successful businessman`s stunning wife disappears and a hostile and taunting ransom demands follow. As the true nature of stakes for the captor and his captives unfold, Woodstock Villa lithely transforms from a precision neo noir into a chilling and shocking thriller, and ultimately into a vivid, invigorating, icy masterpiece of murder, mystery and suspense.

No pathetic pleading eyes or gruesome bound wrists nor a shallow grave are what they seem, as a moment of relief is suddenly transformed into a web of deceit, and a moment of truth is followed by a sudden web of lies.

Unsettling, thrilling, hallucinatory, suspenseful and erotic, Woodstock Villa is contemporary entertainment that breaks new ground with every twist.