Yeh Dooriyan

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Yeh Dooriyan

U | 26 Aug, 2011

1 hrs 58 min | Drama, Romantic

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Simmi is a 35 year-old pretty choreographer who runs a dance academy. She is a divorcee and hence lives with her two kids. Her friends Bobby and Nikki work with her in the academy. After few years of divorce, her friends and parents force her to re-marry. Simmi decides she will marry only when she finds a guy who loves her as well as her children. One fine day, she meets a handsome model Raj who joins Simmi`s dance academy. Raj loves Simmi and her kids and even the kids are very fond of him. Raj and Simmi are very much in love with each other but the society doesn`t accept their relationship. At the same time, Simmi`s ex-husband wants her back in his life. Will Simmi leave Raj and go back to her ex-husband?