Yeh Kaisa Tigdam

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Yeh Kaisa Tigdam

A | 13 Jul, 2018 105 Votes

2 hrs 13 min | Drama

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Yeh Kaisa Tigdam is a story that revolves around four men who apparently have similar faces but a varied way of living and loving. The men are of diverse characteristic - Chhagan Patel, married and merchant of diamonds needs a female other than his wife to satisfy his sexual desires. Nawab Saleem and his younger brother Nawab Kaleem are obsessed to get a wife for Saleem. Though they come from a royal palace they are more of a don. The last and fourth identical is Barood Bhai who is a rowdy yet understands love like none of the others. In this mix add a lady Indrani Mukherji, who is a struggling and a talented model. All the four characters fall for Indrani and try to achieve her love. Who would Indrani go with money or fame or love?

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