Yeh Mera India

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Yeh Mera India

A | 28 Aug, 2009 3 Votes

Behind Every Bad News... There Is Good News...

Crime, Drama, Thriller


Yeh Mera India is a story of one day in the life of 12 people from different strata of Mumbai city, which is a melting pot of cultures. They all start the day with a goal in mind but surprisingly end up achieving exactly the opposite, giving it a feel of Greek tragedy of futile human efforts. However in Yeh Mera India it is more of a reversal of fortune from bad to good than from good to bad.


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Dwarika   rated it
Yeh Mera India
Not Sure how this movie is still on big screen..saw this movie moon years ago and one of the best among my fav collections... a must watch for every indian....